Monday, February 2, 2009

Homegirl's Favorite Homepants

After spending the better part of my Saturday scouring racks and waiting in line to try on drastically discounted yoga attire, it seemed fitting for me to comment on the Lululemon culture. I admit, I bought a pair of these grossly overpriced pants over a year ago, but if you consider the amount of wear I get from them (I pull them on almost everyday as soon as I get home), it somehow doesn't seem so bad. They are, beyond a doubt, my favorite "comfy pants", and they have definitely felt the bulk of the work I've done in my house.

Yet, standing in line to get into the Lululemon Warehouse Sale, yesterday, I couldn't help but be a little baffled by the brand-obsessed culture we still live in today. The very company that built itself on promoting well-being and individualism has become a pop culture icon. What better indicator of this than hundreds of women (and a few men), of all ages, crammed into a line just waiting to be let loose upon racks and racks of sweatpants?! Then there was the wait for the 'fitting room' and then again to pay! 

Still, we waited, and I bought an armload of 'deals'. So, really I am as hypocritical as anyone. Among my purchases, I came home with another pair of my favorite comfy pants for only $9! An extra bonus? This pair is made of organic, natural cotton... I'm sure my quads will appreciate the treat next time I scrub the house top to bottom. My bank account (and New Years Resolution) appreciates the price tag even more!

lululemon Warehouse Sale Entry Linelululemon Warehouse Sale Racks

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