Thursday, February 12, 2009

Office Out of Sight

WOW! Even more spare bedroom / office inspiration today at Unplgged!

Leaving work at the office is tough if your office is at home. Why not hide the office then? 

Despite knowing that my basement is a bigger priority, my pocketbook just isn't ready for that project, and considering my real lack of experience, renovating this bedroom first is probably a good "easy" project to start with. 

Step number one - take off the closet door.
Step number two -  Clean out the closet.

No point putting the cart before the horse, so this weekend I'll start with these two steps before I go any further and pick paint chips. Afterall, my combo dressing room and office plan continues to evolve, so maybe I shouldn't be so quick jump right in with both feet first to finish this room! 

Although... I've never been a patient person! 

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