Monday, February 16, 2009

My Love Affair

With a full 364 days (363 when you read this) until the next Valentine's Day, I feel that this is probably the best possible time for me to reflect on this holiday. True,  I don't really count
 Valentine's as a holiday (for obvious reasons), yet I did find myself pondering a certain love affair this weekend.

Yes, the one true love that us women, single or not, can always rely on - shoes! They will never make you look fat, they will always fit and they love you, so long as you love them.

My desire and longing for beautiful shoes is everlasting, but the temptation was particularly strong this weekend. It started at breakfast on Saturday, when my friend Allison pulled out her brand new, straight-from-Italy, Dolce&Gabbana shoes (not on the table of course, that's bad luck)!
Allison's Dolce & Gabbana shoes
Future husbands take note - I would also like designer Italian leather shoes for Valentines Day, birthdays, Christmas, St. Paddy's Day, Earth day, etc., etc., etc. Some women have it all - great husbands and great shoes!

My current love of platforms
For now though, I'm happy to settle for great shoes! When I got home, I pulled on my new favourites - the Nine West platforms I picked up on my way to a leafs game - and strutted around my house. 
Nine West Platforms


  1. hahaha, great shoes and great husband indeed!

    Still love your shoes a lot though! I think we should put away a little money each week until spring/summer and go to Buffalo and get our dream shoes for summer. Yes/no??

  2. This is a great idea.. but I don't know how it fits in with my investment portfolio!! lol But I like it nonetheless ;)