Monday, November 15, 2010

"Do You Have an Infestation?" The lady asks.

Let me assure you; you never want to be asked this question. I was faced with a horrible reality today, forced to answer that question not once, not even twice, but three times.
It started out when I told a co-worker I thought my cats had fleas.

"Do you have an infestation?" She asked.

I hadn't thought about it that way. I only really discovered the problem a few nights ago, and I thought it was manageable and I could treat my cats later in the week. Several discussions later, I was convinced I would have a home crawling with critters if I didn't attend to this immediately.

I proceeded to tell my boss I would be working from home for the afternoon. "My cats have fleas. I need to deal with it before my house is overrun." His response? When he stopped laughing, he agreed. "You don't want to bring them to work," he said.

So, I set out for home, stopping at a vet clinic along the way for 'over-the-counter' flea treatment.

"Do you have an infestation?" Asked the receptionist.

I explained my cats had fleas, and I wanted to deal with it now before it got out of control. Turns out 'over-the-counter' flea medication doesn't exist. You have to make an appointment, so they can prescribe it. PRESCIBE IT! Appointment?! I don't need a diagnosis here. I know they have fleas!! I saw one. It jumped on me! Sorry! I didn't warn you the gross part was coming.

I went to the pet store. After reading the label of every flea and tick product on the shelf, I asked an associate's opinion.

"Do you have an infestation?"

WHY DOES EVERYONE ASK THAT? I have fleas on my cats! I hope it's not an infestation, but they're there! They've likely left eggs and gross, little baby fleas all over! Okay, yes! I have an infestation! Are you happy now?! I have a disgusting, flea infestation thanks to my outdoors-loving cats and I've admitted it!!

Snap back out of my imaginary response. Yes, I guess I do. "You need to go to the vet and get a prescription for Advantage. It works far better than any product we have."

Right, I thought. I purchased some flea control shampoo, gels and headed out the door to spend the rest of the day vacuuming, bathing, washing linens, more vacuuming and more washing curtains. I then sprayed every unwashable surface with vinegar and water and sprinkled salt on my rug (both home remedies I saw online). I hope this temporary solution will indeed get most of the fleas, however I do have a backup plan I know will work if needed albeit a tad redneck.

Now, if only I'd taken some video of bathing the cats. You've never heard an animal make such a wretched noise!

Have you ever had to treat pets for fleas? Any suggestions?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

WW Flub-up

My blogging attempt is becoming poorer by the week. Yes, that's right; I used poorer as a word. Wordless Wednesday should be the easiest post ever. It's quite simple:
  1. Find a photo.
  2. Post it on Wednesday.
Helpful Tip #1: Make sure you schedule it for the correct date. Otherwise, you have "Wordless Some-Day-Next-Week".

Oops. It's up now. Only 1 hour late for Wednesdsay. Look down.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Make Over My Kitchen? Yes, Please!

I entered the Home Hardware Dream Kitchen Makeover this weekend. You may be familiar with the contest. Anna Olson has been promoting it on TV for weeks now.

I am not sure if I've staked my claim to Home Hardware in the past, but I prefer it over Home Depot. There is a convenience factor; there is a store around the corner. My store is definitely not a big box store. The selection is limited, but that doesn't bother me, because they're helpful. It's a novel concept. A DIY store that has knowledgeable people to assist.

Nothing drives me crazier than asking for an opinion or help and getting "I don't know." Even worse, is when you can see the associate is frantically looking for the information to appear out of the air, in order to provide what might, by some meager attempt, seem like advice. My questions aren't even hard! I'm only doing minor maintenance and repair. The Home Hardware folks have never let me down with their assistance.

Naturally, all this talk about helpful 'Home'owners has me thinking about the kitchen they could install for this homegirl.  A little dreaming never hurts right?

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. I love white kitchens. I love these snazzy drawer organizers too. This would take care of the hideous mess of a spice cupboard I have today.

I would be more likely to choose the Stratford-style cabinets. This style has that cottage-like look I absolutely love. 
Here's a similar style, a la Ikea.  Oooohh and that sink...

I would opt for chalkboard paint on a pantry door, however, just to mix it up a little. 

For my sink, I love this Moen faucet with the pull down wand and Granitek double sink.

How about this beautiful corner buffet from Home Furniture? Wouldn't it be beautiful, loaded with cobalt blue china? I guess it's extraneous I don't have a corner to put it in.

Or perhaps, this distressed buffet and a rustic brown harvest table? Home Furniture has some beautiful pieces. They have an exhibit at the International Plowing Match & Rural Expo every fall, and I usually have to stop myself from drooling on the kitchen sets!

Check out this set, saved in my 'Inspiration Binder' from their catalog a few years back. Mmmm. Love.

Now all I need is Home Hardware to pick my entry, and my sad kitchen can be transformed!