Homegirl's Handy Tips

I started this concept originally as a sidebar. I intended to update it monthly or bi-monthly, but I fell short of this goal as I strived to find tips that weren't everyday-vinegar-and-water-window-cleaner tips that most people already know. I am going to make an effort to collect and share more tips on this page, including the odd Pampered Chef secret!
  • Throw a tennis ball in the dryer with vests and comforters and tumble dry on low to get the "fluff" back!
  • Slow drain? Try pouring baking soda dissolved in hot water down the drain to clear some of the clog.
  • Cleaning out closets to make some room? Turn your clotheshanger hooks forward and flip them around when you wear a piece of clothing. After 3 months, get rid of anything you haven't worn.
  • Wash sponge have a funky smell? "Zap" it in the microwave - it'll kill bacteria and prolong the life of your dish sponge!
  • Wash and lay delicate berries, like raspberries, out on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once they are frozen, you can remove and place in a plastic container or bag. This way, they keep their shape and don't get squished.
  • Wrap duct tape, or similar, sticky side out around your hand or a paint roller (for large jobs) to get pet hair off of bed sheets and furniture.
Send your fantastic household tips to savvyhomegirl at gmail dot com and I'll post them for everyone.