Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Great Phone Debate - Landline or Cell?

The inevitable day has come. My days of having just one phone number (cell) are numbered. Asked to cut back on my cell phone usage, I will finally have to take the plunge and get a personal phone number.

Based on the grounds that I am only home one to two weeks per month, I have been able to get away with my work cell phone thus far. Using this same grounds, my initial plan was to get another cell phone, and while the actual idea of carrying two cell phones is absolutely absurd to me, I do believe this may be my most practical option.

After all, not only am I travelling so frequently right now, but I also do the majority of my calling while I'm driving (with a headset of course). But the price comparison is shocking! 

In fact, at the risk of a complete rant on the state of the Canadian telecommunications industry, the price of all phone services are pretty ridiculous. Since most of my friends and family are not within this immediate area, I must look at a long distance plan, regardless of whether its a cell phone or landline. With lots of seemingly great cell plans out there that boast no contracts, no extra fees, cute lizards and annoying beavers (oh wait, they were canned), none of the plans account for long distance. My best option I might be able to come up with is a "My fave 5" type plan, but even still, the minutes I use would be primarily long distance, and I would still have to pay for texting.

So, I went back to the landline and I will have to exercise considerable self-restraint. No calls on the road. No calls while driving. And the plan? Cogeco offers phone service for $39.99 with their internet and cable service. Since I already have the latter, it was really a matter of a phone call. In comparison to the competition, Cogeco's plan was inclusive - long distance, all the extra calling features, system fees, the works. Thus far, I've been happy with my Cogeco service also, so I am content with this decision. Really though, it seems to be the lesser of all evils....


  1. Cell phones do suck eh :( My parents still pay for my cell phone (which I am SO fortunate for) but they just told me that once I am done school I have to fend for myself... its going to be hard to practice self discipline especially when it comes to talking! haha

  2. Yess!!! It is pure insanity when you really start comparing! It makes me angry to think about it, so I'm not going to! Savour those last few months on the family plan, Christina!