Saturday, February 21, 2009

Banana Guards and Much More at Paderno Factory Store!

Special reminders in the storeCutting board door handles at the Paderno Factory StoreI was driving through the Glebe Community in Ottawa yesterday, and I couldn't resist stopping along Bank Street to browse in some of the delightful little shops, including the Paderno Factory Store in the Glebe Emporium. Packed full of wonderful treasures for the house, I was pressed to get through the entire store in time before my money ran out in the parking meter. It will definately be a destination when I return to Ottawa next month, and what a great little spot to do some wedding shower shopping!

Nonetheless, I couldn't leave without the reason that I was originally attracted to the store - a banana guard! The front window display featured fruit guards of all colours, so I went with a lime green Banana Guard. I am constantly pulling squished and bruised bananas from my laptop bags and purses. What a great idea!
Banana and Fruit Guards on display

You can buy the Banana Guard online, or check out the list of retailers. I paid $5.25 at the Paderno Factory Store, but here's a similar model from trusty home party standby - Tupperware!

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