Monday, February 9, 2009

The Weekend Away

Railroad bridge by snowmobile trail It's often said that the best part of living in the city is escaping. That is exactly what I did this weekend! I took off Friday morning and headed north for a weekend of relaxing and snowmobiling at my parent's farm.

Despite some very warm weather on Saturday, we still managed to hit the trails all day Friday, and again for a couple of hours on Sunday.

Snowmobiling has been a favourite winter past time for family for at least ten years now. While it's certainly not cheap, nor a fit for everyone, we have always enjoyed being able
Snowmobiling through Bruce Countyto take off for the day, travel through the
neighbouring countryside and stop for the odd hot chocolate or cold drink at one of the local clubhouses or along the side of the trail.

For me, I've always found snowmobiling to be a great way to unwind. With nothing to concentrate on but the trail ahead, it's easy to let my mind go blank and just enjoy the scenery.

Ahhh... now if escaping is the best part, what does that make coming home on Sunday evening? Oh well, T minus 6 sleeps until next weekend!Along the snowmobile trailSaugeen River in Bruce County

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