Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome Home! Surprise!

Penny Lane and Fergie try to look innocent Some surprises are really nice when you come home after a week of travelling. My new Pampered Chef Planner, for example, arrived this week while I was away. Now, I feel like an official consultant, and besides, who doesn't like having mail and packages arrive at your house that don't require you to fork over your hard-earned cash?!

This small excitement was quickly replaced however, by minor discust and frustration as I walked further into the house and my nose caught a whiff of what I knew was not a new air freshener. Sure enough, Penny and Fergie, my two darling cats, had left a large mess in my office that I was faced with cleaning up at 1 am.

At some point, they must have managed to close the kitchen door and lock themselves out of the basement. The very important litter box is, of course, in the basement! Random accident or planned revenge for leaving them alone two weeks in a row? I wouldn't put the latter past them at all!

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