Friday, January 30, 2009

Its almost February - Resolutions Update

Okay, its not quite one month yet, but with February just around the corner, and possibly 2 of the most busiest weeks I've EVER had behind me, I feel like it is a good time for an update on my New Year's Resolutions. Kind of a status scorecard, I guess.

If you remember, I had three

  1. Get in control of my finances.
  2. Have the electrical service changed over to 100 amp (this will require saving $ and so will depend on #1).
  3. Develop a plan for my basement.

So, here's where I stand.

  1. Finances. I have done something. I am counting that as a small victory. I have updated my budget and spend worksheet to keep track of what I'm spending and try to cut where I am being a little too lavish. I also got the book "The Wealthy Barber" by David Chilton. We read this in university and friend suggested I re-read it, and actually try to apply what I learn. Not a bad idea. Where did I fall down on this resolution? A Nine West sale was too tempting to pass up! With new shoes on foot, now I'm set to keep the spending down and get the finances in control!

  2. Electrical. Okay, really, this one is somewhat dependant on #1. I have a contractor in mind, but I've had the name for four months now and not done anything with it. In February, I will call him and get a quote. In the meantime, my savings account is reserved for this task and my recent, second income will fund this.

  3. The basement. This is more longterm, but I did find this really cute design idea last fall, that I still think would work.


  1. Jen, I really like the cute design you picked out for your basement! It definately is something I would LOVE to have in my basement too... Being a huge scrapbooker, it looks like it would be the perfect place to go wild! haha

  2. Thanks Christina!! I think it would make a great atmosphere for scrapbooking, and it would be so nice to have one room to leave all my stuff out!