Monday, January 26, 2009

Savvy Homegirl - 1, Cats - 0

Caught red handed and obviously guilty!Okay, that is probably not an accurate score. My cats typically win. Always, really. I think I have outsmarted them for now, however.

One of my co-workers loves this story. I came home from 2 weeks of travelling in the fall, and I arrived back at my house late at night. Throwing my bags onto my floor and crawling into bed, I noticed the rooted-up plant in the corner but thought little of it. I must have left my door open, and Penny and Fergie spent the week terrorizing my bedroom.

Only hours later, I was awoke by a loud bang in the basement. Certainly nothing that was normal. Still not fully awake, I ignored it, only to roll over and see a little, furry head poke up from my cold air vent. A few more tries, and Penny pushed the vent cover aside and climbed up out of the vent!!
Since this day, I have been forced to keep my pet monsters out of the basement. I had yet to find the vent they were getting in through, although I knew that they patrolled the rafters of my basement regularly.

But no more! This weekend, after realizing that no open crevice was safe from their nimble limbs, I raided Dollarama's pantyhose section, and I went to work closing all the open duct work. It is not the most attractive handiwork, but for now, it seems to be keeping my rascal cats out of the vents.
Panty hose and duct tape coverDuct closed with panty hose allows air to move through

Now I will wait to see how long it takes them to realize that they can claw right through the barrier. For now though, the score is even!


  1. Very Savvy Jenn~! Good luck in the battle....