Friday, January 2, 2009

Space-Saving Storage Solutions for Small Homes

This post is by special request for my friend Patti. She has a beautiful, little condo in downtown Toronto. Unfortunately, when I say little, you are probably underestimating how little it really is. Struggling to fit her lifestyle into her home, let alone find storage space, she challenged me to see what I could come up with.

So, Patti, here is attempt #1. After spending hours scrolling through home decor and apartment owner blogs, I have discovered some ideas that may increase the usable space in your condo, while maintaining that haute sense of style that you absolutely require! I've also brainstormed a few on my own.

Trade in your furniture for 'multi-functional' pieces. End tables, a bench or coffee table that open up for storage are all excellent ways to store extra bedding, magazines, movies and other items to 'declutter' your living area.

Put your TV on the wall. If you want to make the investment in a flatscreen TV, why not mount it on the wall or over your fireplace perhaps? It will save valuable space in your living room, perhaps even making room for more 'multi-functional' seating.

Built in Shoe Storage. Though not the right fit for Patti's condo, I couldn't resist the urge to post this ultra chic idea captured on Apartment Therapy. An inexpensive bookcase mounted against the wall of an entryway makes for easy, functional and stylish shoe storage. Apartment Therapy has many great posts for shoe storage. The wall units in this post caught my eye.
Use a decorative shelf for creative shoe storage Functional yet eye appealing shoe rack
Stack storage pieces you already have. Simple idea actually.

A skirted table can camouflage a file cabinet, storage boxes, or even a television.

Closet organization. Here is a great video on organizing your closet that any of us could take advantage of - small space or not!

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