Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beat the Winter Blahs

Unique Decor at Value Village According to CTV News tonight, it is common for seasonal depression to set in this time of year - early nights, endless dreary days, and the bitter cold we experienced last week are all contributors. Add to that the busyiest three months of the year at work, and I have a serious case of the winter blahs.

My futile efforts to keep my sanity have thus far proved successful. Here are a few of my strategies:
  • Make a pie, bake brownies, cook up a mini-feast. By now, I've recovered from the baking hangover of the holidays, and I find the whipping and stirring actions in baking something yummy always relax me. Sure, we may be trying to cut back, but there's no reason you can't share your creation with your friends, neighbours or coworkers.

  • Get a massage. It doesn't require much explanation, but I can not believe that I have not been to a massage therapist before recently. Talk about a new addiction!

  • Go bargain shopping! Watching the budget? Head to Value Village for some unique decor finds and pick up a savings calender. For $2, you will get coupons to use throughout the year. I picked up some extra blankets, new curtains and some additions to my "blue" collection in my bedroom.

  • Not a lot of time to visit? Grab coffee with a close friend and spend 30 minutes at the coffee shop enjoying your latte and catching up. It's amazing how refreshed you feel after a good gab session.
  • Spend an evening or weekend curled up on the couch watching one of the 'classics' and don't feel guilty about everything else that's waiting - Four Weddings and A Funeral anyone?
  • Declutter your surroundings. Got the Christmas decorations down but haven't managed to get them put away? Dedicate an hour to getting the clutter gone, and you'll be able to focus on the things that matter, not the mess that awaits you at home.
  • Hit the slopes or the trails. Taking up a winter sport is one of the best ways to make the season pass quicker. The exercise and time outdoors will also energize you, so you'll be ready to tackle the challenges that wait indoors.

Happy Winter!

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