Monday, January 12, 2009

Update on the Car Battery Situation..

My still good car battery
Car batteries are NOT returnable!! This is valuable information. When I thought I had a no-good battery in my car last week, I bought a new one without knowing for certain. When I learned that my battery only needed a charge, I called the retailer to inquire about returning the battery I had just bought. I was told that I could.

Mistakenly, I assumed (NEVER assume anything) I could return it to a store in any city. After removing the post covers and testing my battery, a very rude parts clerk and parts manager told me that batteries were not returnable. They then proceeded to accuse me of returning a used battery that was 'no good' and did not have a charge.

Visibly upset at being treated like a 5-year-old, I took my battery and left the store. I called the store where I had purchased the battery. I was indeed informed they do not refund batteries, BUT, they would in this case. The next day, I drove to the orginial store of purchase. The parts clerk was expecting me, and he gladly accepted the return. He was also confused that the battery had tested bad, so he tested it himself and showed me the result... "Good. Battery charging." Interesting...

I was amazed at the difference in customer service as I left the store, refund in hand. So amazed, that I am considering a formal complaint at the first store, but before doing so, I am going to send a letter of appreciation to the second. Afterall, we always complain about the bad service, but when do we reward the good?


  1. oh my god... i'm customer service obsessed. i think it's from having worked at two large corporations that are wild about customer service. I can't handle it when someone has bad customer service. I am nice for like a nanosecond and then just can't handle it. If I give awesome customer service, then I should get some back too! Done ranting. Send both those letters!

  2. I have a strange little hobby of reading tripadvisor and restaurantica reviews and there are so many when they have a negative comment to report and the good ones just aren't as frequent so whenever I eat or stay somewhere I like, I always write a review about it! Good for you for writing two letters, they are so powerful!