Friday, January 23, 2009

How to Install Quarter Round

Quarter round trim in my hallway
I moved into my house to discover that it had many 'almost-done projects', and the quarter-round was one of these. There wasn't any in the living room or hallway!

It was not a hard task to finish, and it is incredible the difference in making my house look "done". It was also an easy job to do in the house (or basement) that left very little mess behind.

What you will need:
  • Quarter-round: Usually sold in 8 ft sections at Home Depot. Measure the total amount that you will need. You will also need to decide how wide/high you want the quarter round. For me, this was determined by the width of the gap that I had to cover where my hardwood did not quite meet the wall.

  • Mitre box and saw (look for a combo set at Home Depot)

  • Paint to match your trim

  • Finishing nails, hammer and punch

Installing the Quarter round:

  1. Measure (twice) to determine the lengths you need. Mark with a pencil on the quarter round where you will need to cut. Remember - always measure twice and cut once!

  2. Cut the sections by laying the quarter round into the mitre box. Place the saw in the appropriate groove and cut the quarter round at your pencil mark. The sections should then fit together on an angle.

  3. Paint all the quarter round once it's cut.

  4. Using finishing nails, use the punch to hold the nails, and hammer into place. A nail every 2-3 feet should be sufficient. You'll need to hammer these in on an angle, so they attach to the wall, almost where it meets the floor. All your pieces should fit together.
Now I just need to locate some hardwood caps to cover the gap between my living room floor and the kitchen ceramic tile!


  1. Hi Jen!
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  2. Hey Katelyn! I will totally check it out!!

    Your plate should arrive this week, so hopefully it makes it your way shortly after! Thanks for stopping by!