Saturday, December 27, 2008

Week One With a Snowblower... Rain Today!

Ariens 927LE Snow-Thro
I have now owned my snow blower for a full week, and until today, the excitement had yet to wear off - I own a snow blower!! This is my first, actual piece of equipment to maintain my yard! This is exciting! When I picked it up at the dealership last week, I had this overwhelming sense of Independence. My very own snow blower to clear my driveway, the sidewalk, my neighbour's driveways and sidewalks! I put the shoes down (so I can stop grading my gravel driveway with the auger) and I plugged it in so the electric start will be ready to go. I even installed a new garage door lock to keep the neighbourhood thief out. I own a piece of equipment - NOW I am a true home owner! (Because owning a house somehow wasn't enough???!) Exciting!

That is, until today - it's pouring rain! If that isn't Murphy's Law, then I don't know what is! Buy a snow blower, bring it home (the day AFTER the major snowstorm), use it once, then it rains.

Luckily, I have faith. This is Canada. It will surely snow again, and thousands of others must feel the same way since most retailers are sold out of snow blowers. After all, it is only December. Most years, we are just getting our first snowfall now!

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