Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Decorating Made Easy

Driving home last night, I couldn't help but notice the number of UNdecorated houses. It made me wonder, are there a lot of scrooges out there? People going away for Christmas that can't be bothered? Just procrastinating because it's still 10 days away??

If you haven't decorated yet, and you're looking for some easy ideas for inside, here are some that I stumbled across a few weeks ago:

• Fill a pretty glass jar or bowl with mini candy canes.

• Use your favourite ornaments as paperweights on piles of books or files.

• Get some dried branches and put them in a tall galvanized tin. Hang ornaments from them.

• Cover the tops of bookcases with evergreen branches and juniper berries.

• Create a line of tea lights along a shelf or down a hall.

My own holiday decorating favourite? Fill a crystal bowl, large vase, or other large, decorative container with balls and ornaments for a quick centrepiece for the table or mantel.

For more ideas, check out the rest of the article at The Sparkling Single. Then come back on Wednesday for colourful suggestions to handle the greeting cards that have started filling your mailbox!

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