Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Curtains Versus Blinds

Bedroom Window Drapery
So, I finally got around to putting curtains up in my bedroom. This was after weeks of knocking the curtain rod over and one year staring at vertical blinds that were as complete as a hockey player's smile.

I decided to put the curtains up for a variety of reasons. Well, really only two. The primary being safety. With wandering neighbourhood kids and two houses behind me, it was probably about time that I gave up my strategic dance to stay hidden from view by the (sparse) blinds.

The second reason was to try to keep some more heat in my house this winter. Imagine my (non) surprise to discover that the patio door wasn't installed straight, and there was almost literally a gap at the top! After jamming a piece of wood against the door to push it tight to the frame, and adding caulk around the outside, the curtains were my final step to prevent further heat loss (and higher gas bills)!

I am very happy with the change. Though it does have its drawbacks; I've slept in twice now because my room is dark in the morning and I don't get up. I also miss seeing the weather. Last night I opened the curtains so I could fall asleep with the soft glow of freshly fallen snow outside.

Lastly, I still have the vertical blinds. Until throwing them down the basement stairs (for lack of better options), I contemplating hanging them in my office. However, if vertical blinds were not tacky enough (these ones are), they are missing even more panels now than when they were in my room. Can you even get new panels for vertical blinds? Does anyone even buy vertical blinds anymore?

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  1. After a very productive day at Home Depot last week, I know the answer about vertical blinds. It is almost or more expensive to buy replacement panels as it is to buy brand new blinds. I guess these blinds' days are numbered!