Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning... My Wardrobe

I did the ultimate purge last week of my wardrobe. It was ruthless. Everything that hadn't been worn at least once in the past six months was gone. Even expensive pieces I'd previously refused to get rid of, because "I paid $50 for that shirt!" I had to get SOME wear out of it before it was fated for the Value Village box. Not surprisingly, if I didn't wear it immediately after I bought it, I never wore it. 

It feels so good to find what I'm looking for when I get dressed in the morning. No more digging through overstuffed cupboards and forgetting about the clothes pushed to the back of the closet. There's also room now for a few new additions- I found some great steals at Marshall's the last couple times I've been in the U.S.

On top of that, I feel... lighter. There's so much clutter in my life, and while I enjoy organized chaos (ask my boss what my office looks like), it wears on me in my home. Dirty dishes, messy piles of 'stuff' and the massive disarray of clothing in my room. So, this purge, though small in comparison to the greater 'clutter', was somewhat therapeutic. Wow! How is that for some psych on your Thursday morning?!

Finally, I'm apparently not the only one who loves the space.

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