Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day To Do

Happy May Day! and Happy Saturday!

I awoke this morning to a warm breeze, slightly overcast sky, and the sun coming up on my neighbour's brilliant red maple. I wanted to snap a photo, but worried they didn't want their house on display for the world (or my small portion of it), so I opted not too. This photo P. Breen from Tilbury, Ontario shared on The Weather Network is just as beautiful.

My weekend plans fell through, so I have the whole day to myself. YEEEEYYYY! I like weekend plans with friends and I like friends. Sometimes, it's nice to have a day to do what you want also. I'm finishing up my coffee, then I'm hitting the streets to treasure hunt garage sales!

I am also completing my spring "to do's" today. It'll be a long day, but here's what I have on the agenda:

  • Water new seed
  • Buy corn gluten, netting
  • Cut grass
  • Overseed, reseed new area, spread corn gluten
  • Plant seeds in the garden
  • Vacuum & wash windows
What are you up to on this beautiful Saturday?? 

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