Monday, May 24, 2010

How I'm Celebrating Victoria Day.... Planting Flowers!

I can not recall the last Victoria Day weekend we had weather this beautiful! All my Ontario readers out there will undoubtedly agree. Snow two weeks ago seemed all too normal, and I half expected a similar forecast for the long weekend. Finally, a May 2-4 weekend with the sun and heat it deserves!

This weekend was a garage sale shopper's dream. As I drove up to Bruce County Saturday morning, I could've allowed myself an extra 2 hours just to stop along the way. I hit the beach yesterday and marveled a little at the bikinis out in full [skin?] force. It is only May afterall, and it was foggy when we got there. I don't mean a little haze, but cold, damp fog rolling in off the lake. I felt like I was in Halifax. By 5, the sun had pushed through again and the lake was sparkling beneath it!

Back in the city, I awoke this morning to a clear, blue sky and a full agenda ahead. I'm planting my garden, finishing my flower beds and doing my planters (hopefully) today. Wish me luck and I can't wait to share my finished results!

For now, I saw this pic on this morning, and it could have been the view from my bedroom window this morning.

Turns out, Lou Renzo from High View, West Virginia sees the same thing in the morning! If I had the talent, I would paint this for my bedroom wall, and every day would be bright blue and sunny skies! OK, enough cheese! My coffee is done and it's time to head to work! Have a great day.. if anyone is still inside reading this!

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