Friday, May 21, 2010

My Junk Drawer

I forgot to post this photo earlier. This is the basket of clothes I purged from my wardrobe. Wow eh? They. are. crammed. in. there.

Now for chaos. This whole week I haven't been able to concentrate, and I've felt overwhelmed with life. Aspirations to at least get my house in order have been thus far, unsuccessful. You never see pictures of people's messes, only prim and proper sitting rooms and unbelievably tidy kitchens. Do people cook in those?? My friend has a house like that. She is a minimalist, however. Perhaps, all people with beautiful kitchens that land in magazines and are home crashed (Young House Love readers will get it) are minimalists.

I am not one. Blue Raddish piqued my curiousity to open my junk drawer. I was surprised to find it had all the things a junk drawer should- wire, tape, flash light, old batteries, scissors. Wait! That isn't a junk drawer... it's really more of a utility drawer. Then I realized, I have an entire junk room. To which I thought, I need to share that. I don't know why... but maybe there is someone else out there feeling totally unfocused and cluttered. Hopefully this tells you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Remember the home office redo? Welll, this is still as far as I've got. No further than where I left it months ago. Stuff boxed up. Paint sitting in a plastic bag. Every once in a while, I move a 'pile' from the kitchen counter to the desk. Nasty.

Ahhh.. the kitchen counter. I can never keep this clean. I think that is because I treat it like my desk.

You'll enjoy this one also. Almost every pair of shoes has found it's way onto my floor. Cowboy boot??! I have worn them in 4 years! You don't even see the pair of slippers and 2 sets of flip flops beside me.

Once writing this, I remembered my junk cupboard also. I suppose this replaces my drawer. It is a corner cupboard, and the bottom shelf is currently propped up on a bag of flour. The rest holds craft supplies, light bulbs, caulking, and basially anything else I can't find a home for, including golf balls and old candle jars.

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  1. I did a big purge in the fall! Went through every single room, closet and drawer. This spring I did a second purge in kitchen. It is a great feeling to get all that stuff out of the house... The best thing I did it go through my holiday closet and clean everything out! Put in plastic see thru containers. Now, I am ready for X-mas!!