Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Fever.. or is it nesting?

Despite the icky weather, I have an undeniable urge to clean. I didn't realize people actually possessed a desire to spring clean. I always thought it was just necessary. Someone once referred to "nesting", and I wonder if this is yet another form of it. That is, until I looked up the word and realized it was a habit of expecting mothers.

I'm so not nesting.

Nonetheless, I am cleaning. I spent a couple hours one evening holed up in my garage. Sorting through piles, breaking down boxes (there's lots when you do direct sales) and just generally, tidying up. The end result? A semi-organized garage, which I can freely move around in again and a potting bench ready for spring! Though not fancy, the workbench at the back of my garage has begun my favourite feature in the otherwise plain feature. It's the perfect height and the wall behind has all sorts of hooks and ledges for storage. A couple screw-top jars for spare nails, screws and odds & ends, and it'd be complete. I even cleaned out an old, plastic tub to stow potting soil and compost beneath the bench.

Even my office, which I have abandoned to storage / junk room for the past few months, is calling me back to purge and remove. "It's time to drywall," I hear it whispering in the back of my head. Hmmm maybe a project for this weekend if the weather stays wet??

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