Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Showers...

It was inevitable after being treated to such beautiful weather, the sun would vanish and the sky would open up with its spring showers this week.

And while the warm weather was a real treat, the farmers need the rain and I need to plan for spring! It's so tempting to rush out and go spend-drunk on my yard.

"I need top soil for this." "I want to buy more hostas for here." "Maybe I should reseed this part of my lawn".

WHOA homegirl! Slow down a little!! Luckily, the rain has helped me slow down and get my bearings for spring. Here is my "To Do" List, followed by my garden plan.

  • Clean out the garage. *Almost done
  • Finish raking & tidying the lawn
  • Put the branches out for pick up
  • Dump run - old paint cans and drywall have been piling up
  • Extend the garden
  • Do something about my lawn - how can I get rid of grubs and thistles?
  • Reseed where needed
I also decided to plan my flower purchases this year. This is my third summer at this house. I have some experience now to decide what grows well and where.

My plant spending this year should be kept to a minimum:

- 2-3 Hostas (Flower-bed 2)
- Petunias - 4 wave, a couple 4 cells (Bed 3 & 5)
- 4 x 4 cell Sweet William and Alyssum (Bed 1,4, 8)
- Shade plants for hanging baskets (giant impatiens, begonias and potato vine)
- Wildflower seed (Bed 6,7,8)

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