Monday, April 19, 2010

DIY Nursery Decorating

Wall letters from Binth
I mentioned at Easter my family was celebrating a new baby girl, born only a week earlier. Since then, my brother has been busy moving into his new farmhouse and getting the baby's nursery ready. Helping him when I'm home, I found myself inspired to do a little nursery decorating last weekend. Remember these super cute letters I found a few weeks ago on Binth? I created some letters of my own to decorate Leah's nursery wall. Here is how.

Plain canvass from Dollarama
I originally wanted to use 8x8 square canvasses, but the dollar store has 8x10 canvasses for a fraction of the cost of the squares at Michael's, so I went with the larger size. Once I was almost done, I did find the squares at the Southampton Market for a couple dollars each, so I'll remember that for next time!

I sketched the letters and accompanying images on canvass in pencil, using a ruler where letters contained straight lines and freehand otherwise.

Plain canvass painted pinkI painted the canvasses completely pink with acrylic tole paint (also from the dollar store) and allowed it to dry. My pencil sketches were still visible after the pink dried, so I was able to paint the remainder of each square. 

Pinky and brown ladybug L
It's sideways, but Leah's mom has had a pink and brown ladybug theme since before Leah was born, so I thought it was the perfect accompaniment for the letter "L".
Finished painted canvass lettersHere's the finished letters. I can't wait to see them up in Leah's nursery, which has the same colour and ladybug theme.

I am midway through another creation for the nursery. Stay tuned for photos and details soon. I ran out of materials on the weekend, so I have to get some more supplies before I can finish and post!


  1. The finished product looks amazing! Too cute! You are such a proud Auntie eh?! Awesome job with this DIY project!!!

  2. I am SOOOO proud! Thanks Christina!! The farmhouse room update will be coming soon too!

  3. Love the name they chose and your artwork! although if they are in an old farmhouse like I am, they won't need to decorate with ladybugs since the house tends to be taken over by the real things :S

  4. Yes, lady bugs and flys. I don't know where they all come from.. it's still spring and there's none outside!!

  5. Have you heard of I think you might find it interesting.

  6. Hey, I have a blog, and I featured your post as inspiration for my own nursery, I have a little one due in Aug 2012, and I love this idea!

    Here is the post!