Thursday, April 15, 2010

Knocking Off the Spring "To-Do"s

My 'to do' list got a big dent today. With some good timing (and availability of bf & his truck) and nice weather, I took a day off to get caught up on my yard work.

Remember the list? This may be the best shape I've ever been in by the second week of April! In addition, I took down my Christmas lights today, edged my flower-beds and extended one by a couple feet. The lawn hadn't taken hold and it was coming up with weeds, so I thought converting it made just as much sense. With a load of triple mix, courtesy of bf's cousin (THANKS!), we got the garden ready to go. We doubled its size from 2 meters to 4. This should give me plenty of space to grow several tomato, pepper, and potato plants, as well as some squash, lettuce and spinach. I also topped up some of the flower beds I added to my yard last year. The triple mix will be a welcome addition to the dry, sandy soil found around most of my yard, but I'd still like to work more compost into my beds to help retain moisture.

Now, to just get my lawn sorted out...

  • Clean out the garage. 
  • Finish raking & tidying the lawn
  • Put the branches out for pick up
  • Dump run - old paint cans and drywall have been piling up
  • Extend the garden
  • Do something about my lawn - how can I get rid of grubs and thistles?
  • Reseed where needed


  1. You can get rid of grubs with these little guys called nematodes, you can get them at the co-op and corn gluten meal will get rid of your thistles... either that or pull them out! When your re-seeding don't be afraid to over seed and make sure to rake it in! Good luck

  2. Corn gluten meal huh? Do I spread that all over the lawn or just in the area with thistles?

    I have heard of nematodes. They're a little pricey I think, but I am going to check them out. I found a lot more grubs yesterday. Thanks for the tips!!

  3. Corn gluten mean goes all over the lawn because it only treats broad leaf weeds and won't hurt your grass or perennials!