Friday, April 23, 2010

Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover Update

Remember when I said I was determined to finish my farmhouse bedroom makeover, because my mom hates when I leave my 'make-work projects' for her to complete. It is taking a few months, because I only get to the farm every couple of weeks, but I am slowly transforming my bedroom into a more grown up, country bedroom.

Here are a few pictures to show you how it's coming along.
Farmhouse bedroom with new linens and curtains

So far, it's cost me about $170.

  • White paint and supplies - $65 (Actual cost is less because we used the paint at my brother's house too)
  • Wallpaper, partial roll from a wallpaper store - $10
  • Bedding picked up on sale at Zellars after Christmas - $50
  • Throw pillows - $30
  • Curtains bought for $6.88 each at local market store - $15

I bought the bedding on sale on a whim. It incorporated the purple I wanted to bring into the room, but several other colours, including the existing yellow and green on my walls. I lucked out last weekend, finding the sheer curtains, which matched the bedding perfectly.

Purple flower and green vine wallpaper
Originally, I planned to get a bold, patterned wallpaper for the shelf backs, but after putting the bedding in the room, I knew this wasn't going to work. After ordering wallpaper samples from Lowes and combing through rolls at a wallpaper store, I found this purple flower and vine pattern.

Peeling wallpaper is so frustrating
This is where I've left this project. Hanging wallpaper on the shelf backs has proved to be a little challenging. It will not stick to the wall by just wetting the paper, so I'm going to have to try conditioning the wall and using a wallpaper glue. To say I was frustrated after cutting the pieces to fit exactly (old houses result in measurements never lining up exactly) and having the paper peel back repeatedly, I decided to leave the shelves for my next trip home. Until then, I'm going to keep my eyes open for some trinkets to enhance my personal items and dress up the shelves.

All in all, I think my mom is quite happy with how this project is coming along. For myself, it's been a good opportunity to learn some decorating basics (painting panelling and wallpapering), while updating a room in which I've spent the better part of my life so far.


  1. This looks great so far! Love the purple colour of the bedspread and drapes!! And you can't beat the price of the bedspread eh? I just bought my bedspread for my farmhouse bedroom from Zellers too!!!

  2. It looks awesome! And I love what you made for Leah :)

  3. Thanks guys!! I'm pretty happy with it so far, despite the wallpaper frustrations!

    Looking forward to seeing how your room turns out, Christina!

  4. What a lovely room! And how nice to be finished!! It is always great when you can check something off of your to do list!