Monday, December 28, 2009

My Farmhouse Bedroom - The Before

Here we go. Here are photos of my old bedroom, in my parents' farmhouse. This is before I began cleaning on Saturday.

First to note: PANALLING! It's in every room in our home! I struggle to believe this will ever come back in! By Thursday, no one will ever notice it was ever there. The potential of the closet doors and shelves has me extra giddy. Stripes perhaps on the doors or funky wallpaper on the back of the shelves! I haven't quite decided, but I know the inspiration will come once I start painting!

This is the east wall of the room. It's currently a soft yellow colour, which is going to stay. What you don't see is stencilled vines along the ceiling. When I sat my mother down yesterday to help her 'envision' my plan, she specifically asked I don't touch the stencilling. She likes it. Deal. (I'm still kind of proud of my 18-year-old self's work anyway!)

Finally, we have the shot looking into the room from the door. It's a little dark, but you see it's not a very big room. You also see the mess of boxes on the floor. This is not the product of my cleaning, rather the result of moving back between 'houses' after my third year of University. Yes, these boxes never left. Let's just say the dust is very thick! One other important thing to notice in this photo is the open cupboard door. Both my room and my brother's have these storage areas in the wall, beneathe three shelves. This will be the perfect spot to store the stuff I want to keep (lifeguarding manuals, old 4-H books, projects I can't part with for example), but also keep it out of sight.

So, after a family Christmas yesterday, I'm so well-fed, I will not need to surface for several days. Bring on Day 2.

Goal: Finish cleaning and sorting. Buy the paint.


  1. can't wait to see the finished product Jen! I just threw out my lifeguarding manuals a few weeks ago, it was their time :(

  2. Thanks Laura!

    Were they in your closet??! I heard about the closet.... :)

  3. I think I know what that black circular box is on the third shelf up- would that be your Fair Ambassador tiara and sash? haha

    We are forever eternally connected :)