Sunday, December 27, 2009

A little Christmas project

For the last few months, every time I went to visit my parents' farm, I couldn't help but think about the lack of 'guest' accommodation in their farmhouse. Sure, I always sleep in my old room, but I've had friends stay over and they are usually forced to tip-toe through the storage room that is my brother's old bedroom to find a bed.

Shopping for new bedding for my mom's Christmas present, I decided about a week ago to redecorate these rooms over the Christmas break. After all, I have been promising my mom for years now, I would go through the boxes of 'important' books and papers on my bedroom floor and take it back to the city with me.

I even took some before pictures yesterday when I was getting started (I'll post shortly). All of the rooms in my parents' farmhouse have some amount of paneling on the walls. When I was little and hated it, I was told it couldn't be painted. When I was in Grade 12, I decided I needed a change and painted one wall of paneling anyway. The world didn't end, and my mom was actually impressed with how it turned out. Armed with a dog-eared and bookmarked, borrowed copy of Better Homes & Gardens New Decorating Book, I am expecting a couple coats of white paint and some 'de cluttering' to create an entirely new living space. Not to mention, a guest room my mom would be proud to show off.

My mom thinks I'm crazy, so not only do I have to finish to show you the final result, but I have to prove it to her also!

Let the room makeover begin!

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