Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

Hopefully everyone is getting ready to head out to your own celebrations, like me, or perhaps planning for a quiet night at home.

Before I head down the road for a night of indulging in great food with great friends, I promised I'd share my 'collection'.

With 2 more coats of paint (yes, that's 3 total + 1 coat of primer!), and the closet done, it was time to take down my "Got Milk" collection. For years of my adolescent life, I scoured magazines, going so far as to steal ads from friends' magazines when they weren't looking to add to my collection. As it grew, and space on my ceiling thinned, my interest in finding more faded, but I continued to proudly display the collection on the roof of my bedroom. 40 ads in all adorn the ceiling, featuring everyone from 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys to Kate Moss, Johnathon Taylor Thomas (remember him??!) to The Simpsons, and two Britney Spears ads from 2 very different periods of her life.

I haven't decided what to do next with the collection. I suggested a mural in the barn office, but my dad wasn't so fussy on that idea.

I didn't have any luck finding wallpaper yesterday for my shelves, so the hunt continues next week when I go back to the city. Keep posted for the big reveal when I get the room all done!

Stay safe this evening! Happy New Years!

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  1. Jen - I just came across this site on a marketing blog I follow and thought you'd enjoy it!

    My sister and I used to plaster our bedroom walls with Got Milk ads too!