Thursday, December 31, 2009

Much Ado About Window Treatments

I promised to reveal my collection, and I will shortly. This has been bugging me all day though, so I decided to share while my search continues for ideas.

I'm stumped on the window treatments for my old bedroom. I've been searching for ideas, but so far it's been challenging :

  1. The room is small. Just over 80 square feet to be exact. The windows are already the focal point, located directly opposite the door. Anything too extravagant will overpower the entire room.
  2. The windows are tall, nearly reaching the ceiling and just over a foot off the floor.
  3. My mother would like the solution to act as insulation against the cold in winter. They are in the 'snow belt' after all.
Here are a few ideas I'm pondering....

Roman blinds, or similar.
The window sill is huge, so these could be mounted close to the window without too much trouble. (I also really like this "living window" idea from The Nest).

Sheer Curtains.

The right curtains will pull a colour scheme together perfectly in a room. I like these sheer panels because they provide both an air of subtlety and colour to the room. Can sheer curtains help the heating bill is the next question. My instinct is no, but I may have to ask an expert on this one.

Blinds + Curtains.

Jon & Sherry over at Young House Love (my all-time fav blog) love pairing blinds with curtains. I love you can use this look to create a 'perfect window', but I wonder if it would be as effective in my small room. Would too many treatments create a 'heavy' feeling?

Nothing at all.

It works here in this farmhouse at Country Living. It's worked in this room for 26 years. Perhaps it's also an option. As a guest room, however, the yard below is a busy spot during any season and even I would like more privacy than this provides.

Whatever solution I find, I plan to duplicate in my brother's old room. It's also a small room (only 10 1/2 ' x 8') with ambitions of being a guest room when it grows up. But, one project at a time, as my mom would say.

Progress so far:
- 2 coats of paint
- Tentative wallpaper picked out
- Bed linens purchased
- Ceiling collection down (mom wants me to paint the ceiling... ick that sounds, in no way, fun)

Days to go:
Officially - 2
Realistically - 1...  New Years Day will not be a productive day, I suspect!

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