Monday, December 7, 2009

Germany knows Christmas spirit!

Guten tag!

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I had an incredible craving for a baguette with
meat and cheese. To me, there is nothing in Canada that can compare to European breads and meats. I made a beeline to the meat, cheese and prociutto when I learned the hotel was still
serving breakfast.

Despite this, I have to admit that German food is not my favourite. Walking through the
Christmas market, which are popular all over the country at this time of year, we were
amazed by the 2-foot long wieners, or bratwurst, people were chowing down on. Though they
smelled delish, there is something about eating a double-decker hot dog that got me. We did partake in the popular gundwein (that is absolutely not spelled correctly) tradition, sipping steamy and potent wine from a mug, shaped like a boot no less.

The Christmas market was huge and packed with people. Stall after stall, filled with folks selling jewellery, ornaments, nutcrackers, candles and various decor. And the scarves!
Everywhere.. for 5-10 euro! Certainly a deal, compared to the $10-15 price for a scarf in Canada. I couldn't go without purchasing at least one, and we'll see how much self-restraint
I have for the remainder of the week! Especially, considering the love affair I've developed with riding boots.

1 in 3 women are wearing riding boots, and every pair is beautiful. Strange as it may seem,
my colleague and I spent a good part of the day admiring boots. Seemed like a great bonding opportunity, yet the more expensive leather boots I admired, the more I was convinced I should get a pair. For now, however, I have to settle for my shawdy, dress shoes that double as loafers! That is not to say I won't keep looking while I'm here, though!
Tomorrw, we will head to the wonderfully, romantic city of Heidelberg, and by Wednesday I will be off on my own adventure, tracking across Germany to settle some history from my family's past. Check back again this week for an update!

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