Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Step Closer to Being a Toolgirl

Two weeks ago, I mentioned I was going to a Home Depot "Do It Herself" workshop. Despite some snickers from my father and brothers when I told them over breakfast last weekend, I quite enjoyed the workshop.
There was a whopping total of 3 of us in the "Powertools 101" class, though it whittled to two by the end. It was clear the classes are not typically well attended. Even with some ill-prepared moments and slight disorganization, the instructor did a good job explaining the basics. Most of which, I have never before taken the time to find out. I thought only manual-shift vehicles had a clutch, for example, so I was keen to learn my drill had one and how it worked. Other details that the seasoned handygirl knows, like there are only 3 different sizes of bit heads, despite there being dozens of screw sizes, were like 'A HA!" moments.

Most of all, I liked the low-stress aspect of the class. It was very informal, so there was no threat of asking the question everyone else already knew. It also allowed for ample time to try the tools myself and recieve direction on their use. This definately lessoned my fear of saws, particularly the circular saw. I had nightmares of this one getting away from me, so I learned how to start the cut and how to remove the saw from the wood safely (while it's still spinning at full speed or stopped entirely). I also learned the purpose of a circular saw (straight lines) and jigsaw (curves, circles). I jotted down blade sizes and brand suggestions as they related to my furniture-building aspirations, and I took the saws for a drive myself.
On the whole, I found the night to be very informative and enjoyable. As a 'toolgirl hopeful', it was the perfect starter course. Sure, it could have been more professional and splashy, but what can one expect for free?
Actually, I feel like I should have been taking advantage of these courses all along. Perhaps, I'd be further along on my 'projects'! I circled a few more on the calender, including Drywall 101 and Planning a Basement Reno, so you can expect to see more reviews in the future!


  1. Well, you have put us all to shame! How cool that you did that?! Guess I should try one of their classes.

  2. You totally should!! It was not intimidating at all and very basic!