Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just in Time For the Brier - My CAMA Best-In-Show Award Framed

In the spirit of Canada's newest sporting craze - CURLING - here it is!!

Just as promised, albeit a little late, my recently mounted and framed award for the Best of CAMA Best-in-Show Advertising. Not too bad, in my opinion! I was awarded 2 plaques, and I wanted to frame the ad itself, because it is unique to Canada and my company. I take all of our company's framing to Arcon Picture Frames, near Stoney Creek. They always do a fantastic job, and I can often give them a price range and the final destination, and they look after the rest.

They are a little $$$, in my frugal opinion, but I have vowed to go to Arcon when I can afford to professionally frame my personal wall candy. One of my favourite photographers, Terry Scott White, brings his work to Arcon, all the way from Kitchener!

They also have some beautful prints and paintings in their store, and they are located next to a wood furnishings store I'm itching to wander into one day. One day.... when I can afford to buy new wood furniture. For now, I will continue looking forward to building my own.

Lastly, I apologize for the rather bland wall decor. My office (!!!OFFICE!) has walls that look semi-permenent. Kind of like the walls of my portable classroom in Grade 2. You can see the seams, and it looks like it was just rigged up for some temporary arrangement. Nevertheless, I have an office(!) with walls(!) where I can hang beautifully framed awards! I thought about taking a photo of the whole office, but I envisioned it would come across disturbingly similar to SFACG's recent post. I promise I'll cut off my rambling shortly... My former manager actually sat at my desk today and said "Do you actually work in this?"

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  1. Congrats on the award!

    What an awesome ad- only you would be able to somehow connect John Deere and Curling! ha-ha The final product looks awesome too with the ad and the awards- definitely something you will have and admire forever!

    Say hi to the bf for me! Have fun together at The Brier :)