Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I Would Do With a Snow Day

This is taken driving west towards Montreal. The sun set behind this storm, which I drove into shortly after.

Winter driving never used to cause me to tense up and become stressed. Perhaps, this was because it was a practical requirement for growing up in the snow belt. You installed winter tires, under-coated your car and stashed bags of salt and extra boots in your trunk, and you were set until April.

More likely than not, some of that stress was relieved knowing that a winter storm often led to a snow day. Many a morning, I've laid under the warm covers at 6 am, waiting, hoping and praying for bus cancellations or school closures. I could comfortably predict, those mornings I couldn't see the barn from my farm house bedroom, I could stay in bed.

What I wouldn't give for snow days again! Not only do I live in the sub-tropic region of this province, but even the worst winter storms don't keep away the expectation of putting in a full day. Snow days 'bought' time. Everything was put on hold for a day (or days). Deadlines extended. Exams postponed. You were always guaranteed a week a season. Some winters, less, and when it was really a tough winter, more. One year, we stayed home for half of February.

A week stuck at home. No consequences and no recourse. No vacation time used and no paycheque withheld. I'd take it. I'd finally finish the 'odd jobs'. I'd build my table and finish my office in one, foul sweep. I'd put away the 'piles' in every room, finally scrapbook wedding photos and wash my curtains. I could get a lot done. Then I'd make cookies.. chocolate chip cookies. What would you do with your snow day?

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  1. I'd wash the curtins and do some baking too...then I'd spend the afternoon scrubbing the pan that I had just burnt.
    I too have lots of scrapbooking to catch up on - Julie's wedding, adn my own. I'd finish thank you cards (that job is not fun)
    I'd also organize the basement - or deligate that task to Ben...
    man, a snow day would be wonderful - wish we got them as often as the school kids do!!