Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Want

I've been browsing blogs and Etsy for almost an hour now. Partially, I'm procrastinating. I had the best of intentions to prop myself up in bed and start my article that's due Friday. Partially, I'm bummed out. I've posted so many times about what I want to do at my house. I'm constantly looking for inspirations, ideas and trying to visualize the next room in my house, but it's feel overwhelmingly apparent that I haven't actually done anything!

Sure, there's been small things. Even some big things when I've had help. Yet, there's so many projects. So many ideas, and my wishlist seems to grow longer daily. I'm not an obsessive-compulsive 'lister'. I do rely on them a lot to stay organized, and in the past 2 years, I've become an avid 'task' user in Outlook. There is satisfaction in stroking something off a list. It's like the cherry on top of a satisfaction sundae.

With all these ideas and inspiration out there, I started to make a 'wish list'.

                              It's                           utterly                      random.

items. services. projects.  you name it.

Last year, I made a dream board to visualize what I wanted to achieve. Besides the arts and crafts part (my favourite part), it didn't provide a whole lot of inspiration because it hung in my (unused) office.

This year, you guessed it! I made a wish list. I'm going to share it with you in hopes it will force me to start stroking some of these off!

  • Home energy audit
  • Insulate basement
  • Shelves for either side of fireplace
  • New stove
  • Office reno
  • New couches or coverings for my couches
  • Window coverings - office  & guest room
  • Electric toothbrush (this is the random part)
  • Build a table
  • Flat screen TV
A few specifically:
  • This frame: IKEA Ribba Frame $19.99 For my BILD poster I'd like to hang above my living room fireplace.

  • Bedroom art - I've been eyeing Van Gogh's Almond Branches poster on Amazon as possible bedroom art, should I actually not get around to painting my own art. 


  1. There is one major item not on this list...
    New Car.

  2. I can never figure out how to comment on here.
    Lets try again.

    I read your blog on the HRTC coming due this past monday and I notified my HUSBAND - we went to Home Depot early sunday mornign and stocked up. We spend $300 on 2X4's and instalation for our basement renovation.
    (Thanks to everyone who came to the wedding with Home Depot Gift Cards. This renovation is partly your doing)
    thanks for the reminder of the due date, Jen!!

    hopefully this works...

  3. Yessssssssssss!!!!!!

    You totally did it, Amy!! I didn't even think about all the gift cards you guys likely have! I was thinking cash... ooohhhh I need a wedding. I could get my whole wish list in one foul swoop!

    Thanks for the comment, Amy! ;)

  4. I am laughing at your list. Every single January & Febraury I get the "wants" and make my list also. My list is always much longer than the money source!Good luck.

  5. Thanks Weekend Cowgirl!! I'm going to need it...