Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Update From My Black Hole

Where did this week go? Somewhere between working 12 hour days and a snow storm, apparently I missed the last five days. Literally, I feel like I fell in a black hole this week. Many of the items I thought about doing all week- moving my living room around, buying wallpaper (yes, I STILL have not done this) - are still not done. If it weren't for my bf, who by the way, brought me BEAUTIFUL roses this week, I might not even have turned on the Olympics. After immersing myself in Olympic fever last week, I suffered a bit of a hangover earlier this week. Last weekend's disappointments seemed doomed to replay endlessly on the highlights reel. I couldn't bear to watch it. I'll be anxiously anticipating the men's gold medal curling tomorrow night. I love watching curling, especially Kevin Martin's team. I'm a geek, but I'm okay with it. I actually presented Kevin, and his third, John Morris, with MVP at The Brier, the Canadian men's curling championship, the past 2 years. Am I wishing just a little that they make a surprise appearance at this year's event with their gold medals?? Absolutely!

What else is new this week... My T4 showed up this week. I have stopped opening this because it usually makes me feel sick to see how much money I don't have, but apparently was paid. I also got my mortgage statement. I shouldn't have opened it. $2300 paid down on the Principal of my house in 2009. OUCH! It's still stinging.

My last tidbit of news... I won a big advertising award at work in the fall, and I had it mounted with the advertisement for my office. I got it back today and it looks great!!

Anyway - I am trying to share the rest of my Hotel de Glace photos through Picassa. Keep checking my blog for the slideshow. It'll be on the right-hand side of the page -------------->
P.S. Pictures are there now. Check out the slideshow!!!


  1. love the pictures, you should post one of your mounted award/ad!

  2. Good Idea, Laura! Look for it on Tuesday!

  3. you should probably mention that you were fortunate enough to see me saturday and sunday....loved seeing you!!!!!

  4. We all have Black Holes from time to time!!!