Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tupperware + Me = Soon To Be Organized Pantry!

Despite loving home parties and toting The Pampered Chef myself, I had never been to a Tupperware party. Until now.

I had a bit of a Tupperware wish list I've slowly been accumulating. I've kept my eyes open at Value Village and been able to score a couple of items, like this small canister.

I would really like a few more of these canisters for my sugar, flour and oatmeal.

I have also been looking for a juice pitcher, like the one I remember from my childhood.

I also really like their little mini containers with the snap-on lid. They're absolutely great for taking salad dressing to work.

Finally, they have these freezer to microwave containers. Also great for leftovers for lunch.

So, on the weekend, I attended a friend's Tupperware party. As a home party consultant myself, I enjoyed sitting on the other side of the room and taking in 'the show'.

I scored a couple free gadgets, including a "smidget" and a scoop to remove hard boiled eggs from the water.

Extra exciting - I won the Tupper Twoonie game and won $34 in free Tupperware! Their organization sets, which includes the new version of the round canister above, are on sale, so I splurged on a set for myself. I also bought myself the juice pitcher and put the $34 towards a few more containers for my pantry.

I can't wait to bring all my new plastic home and toss the dollar store containers and ice cream tubs for ultimate organization!!


  1. I love Tupperware! I have a few pieces that were my mother in laws and use them all the time.

  2. Are they really funky oranges and greens?

    I remember when my mom went to parties when I was young. I feel like it disappeared for a while, and now it's making a comeback!