Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Student Debt Banishment Feels One Step Closer

As if to reinforce I can not afford a car, I paid off my final credit card this weekend. I am consumer debt FREE!!!! I am also a little excited, if you can not tell.

Having rid myself of the debt on two maxxed out credit cards, I feel like I am in control again and it feel amazing! I feel like I can attack my student debt head on, and I am inspired by all the bloggers out there who have paid theirs off in a year! !!!!! A year!! I am not so ambitious. Mostly because there are other things that are more important to me than getting rid of this debt, especially when the interest on it is so low. Home renovations (hello HRTC deadline fast approaching), maintaining my car (I am now saving for a $1500 timing belt) and building my 'rainy day fund'.

In September, when I started tracking my net worth, these were my goals:

Short Term (< 1 year)
- Pay off credit card debt (DONE!)
- Buy a new car. Save $2000 for a car down payment. I have a car worth ~ $4K, but it's in my father's name, so it is not recognized here as part of my personal wealth.
- Accumulate $2500 in savings

Mid-Term (Within 5 years)
- Pay off student debt
You can't tell from my Net Worth IQ graph (down on the right side of the page), because it's a straight line, but by paying off my credit cards and slowly decreasing my student loan, my net worth has gone up $6000. This is not much, and I've still a long way to go, but it is enough accomplishment for me to want to drive forward. I do think I should rewrite my car goal, however. Buying a car is easily accomplished. Saving to buy a car affordably is another thing altogether.

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