Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seafood Chowder Attempt

Inspired by my friend and her husband, I attemped seafood chowder for the first time today.

Penny was equally excited about the prospect of scoring herself a nice piece of cod. Luckily, all she managed was a tomato and the scallop container. I swear she thinks she's a person whenever there's meat or soft-skinned fruit around.

Unable to pull something together like this from scratch with the expectation of serving it (I had the pickiest judges - my brothers), I used the recipe in the 2010 Milk Calander. My mom had dog-eared the page as a 'must try', so I did the deed for her. Using cod and scallops in our version, I also threw in tomatoes. Without lobster or crab, I think it gives the chowder some nice colour it might otherwise lack.

You can check the recipe out at My Milk Calendar 2010. And did  you know, they have every milk calendar recipe since 1974? Sounds like an excuse to purge my recipe cupboard of milk calendars!

Though I couldn't convince my brothers to finish a bowl (they are not lovers of 'strange' foods ie. anything with 'weird' smells, textures or names), my parents and I quite enjoyed the thick, steamy broth. Perfect for a cold winter day! What's your soup pick for winter?

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