Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Tuesday... Where is the Snowplow??!

A week of snow in our little banana belt of the country, and it's likely safe to say the entire province is now in a winter wonderland.

I love like winter. I love winter activities. I love to snowboard. I love tobogganning and hot chocolate. I love snow and lights and lucious, lazy flakes falling to the ground in the evening. I don't like driving 65 on the slushy highway or stepping in snow puddles in socks. I don't like climbing into my frozen, little car to go to work in the morning. You have to take the bad with the good though, in my opinion.

Strangely enough, I do enjoy cleaning my driveway. In fact, I just took my snowblower for a spin for the first time this season. This is only about the fifth time I've used it ever; I am blessed with incredible neighbours! There was hardly enough snow to make it worthwhile, but little smirking faces were taunting me in my sleep last night after I tackled it the old fashioned way- with a shovel. I had to prove I knew how to use my own snowblower, even if I do prefer my trusty, old shovel!

I would prefer if my neighbour also felt this way. Honestly, who blows snow at 10:00 PM?! It's a school night! Perhaps, he's making up for the lack thereof on the street. I swear a plow went by every 20 minutes on Sunday. One of the few benefits to living on a major street they don't tell you about in the real estate listing, I will note. Regardless, I haven't seen one yet tonight.  And it's Tuesday! It's snowing! My street is snowy and slushy!

I'm not sure which is worse, actually- the neighbour or the street. If he doesn't stop by 10:30, it'll be a landslide win, I feel!

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