Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Next Project - Home Office Remodeling

 Finally! After a year of dreaming, my office remodeling is off to a start. I can already imagine the possibilities... paint, bamboo, built in shelves and lighting. Oh, the glorious creative energy!

All it took was some help to knock the wall out. Truthfully, it took my dad wielding a sledge hammer and scary-looking saw to cut plaster to get the wall down. Standing back in the doorway, watching him pull giant slabs of plaster to the ground, I realized the overwhelmingly obvious difference between all my favorite 'homey' blogs and me... They actually DIT (do it themselves)! So far, I've gone the route of DDFM - Dad does for me.

This is probably a good thing in some cases. Installing the Central Vacuum involved wiring and cutting holes through hard-to-reach, seriously tough walls.

I am not completely helpless, and there is lots I can do myself. I do think it's time, however, I push my boundary and step out of the comfort zone of paint cans and curtain rods. Drywalling, or at the very least, taping and mudding are manageable. More importantly, I need to get over my fear of 'breaking it', whatever 'it' may be - tools, the wall, the shelf, me, and get on with learning to DIY, myself!

Nonetheless, I have the major character flaw of not finishing what I start. The result? Mini messes that unavoidably snowball into major messes! Determined to not to let this happen again, I am refusing to let myself get too wrapped up in ideas for my office until I have my old bedroom completed. I have to report back afterall, and I am looking forward to the day I can post a "reveal". So far, so good... it's the wallpaper for the shelves that is causing delay. Turns out purple is harder to find than I thought. Any suggestions where I can look?

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  1. There's a wallpaper place on Hartzel that Shelby used when she was trying to find paper for her shelves. She got a really pretty print there! Can't remember what it's called - but I'll find out from her!