Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring is Sprung in My Yard!

Spring bulbs in my flowerbed
Tulip bulbs coming upFinally! The tulips I planted last fall popped their heads up this week! I was a little worried that the skunks would dig up all my bulbs, but they were kind enough to leave me a few! These ones weren't beneath mulch, so I'm waiting to see if a few more tulip and hyacinths push up in the remainder of my beds.

I love winter, but now that there is no more snow for 'fun stuff', I am more than ready to see green lawns and colour again! It's interesting how the south-facing side of my street has almost green lawns already. Of course, I face the north, so my front lawn is not so vibrant. I actually worried yesterday that maybe all my grass died this winter. It wasn't the healthiest lawn last year, after all. 

The Lillie's and daffodils have also come up beside my house where we regraded. I am going to pick up some grass seed this weekend, so I can throw that down when it gets warm enough. Rain is forecast for the next week, but I am a little scared that it is still too cold.
Sprouted beans
Finally, the first of my seeds have popped up! 

These will be green bush beans. I am a little worried that my egg carton is too wet. There is light gray mold on some of the containers. Does anyone know what that means? 

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