Monday, March 16, 2009

Home Again - Ahh Sweet and Safe Home!

Back in my house again today! It was such a nice feeling to pull into the driveway and on such a beautiful day! 

With my hasty retreat for the airport, I was not surprised to find a few little 'treats' as I unpacked and did some tidying up.  My compost garbage resembles a furry, living creature, so I guess I forgot to put it out before I left. I thought I'd save you the nastiness of posting a picture of it! I also discovered that I had forgot to unload some laundry. Is there a more putrid smell than damp clothes left for a week? Perhaps there is, but the stench is certainly still nauseating. Luckily, it was only some rugs and furniture covers, so another good wash should take care of it!

As we all know, bad things happen in threes - so with those two discoveries behind me, it was inevitable that there would be one more. My neighbour brought me the news. Our new neighbours who moved in this fall, had their house broken into the other night while away on holidays. YIKES! Going on the assumption that I have nothing to steal isn't making me feel as comfortable anymore. Luckily, my traveling is nearing its end, so I will be home more often. It's still scary though. Is it time to consider a security system? Saving the headache alone might make it worthwhile. 


  1. we'll chat break ins and the possible preventative measures on Friday!

  2. I was thinking of you all along, Allie!