Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Home For My Collection

Utility Drawer Turned Collection Display ShelfOne of the items on my 'do-do' list this weekend was to put the rail and rack that I purchased at IKEA earlier this week. Until now, I have displayed my small collection of shot glasses (picked up at various worldwide destinations on my travels) in an old utility drawer that I 'borrowed' from my dad's shop and turned on its side. 

It worked, but I was too scared to try to mount it on the wall, so it ended up sitting on my counter, tucked into the corner. It wasn't in the way, but it certainly did not give my collection the attention I felt it deserved. Not to mention, my cats used it as a hiding place when they knew I was coming after them to 'spritz' them for being on the counter.

IKEA GRUNDTAL Rail and Spice Rack
Enter IKEA. Flipping through the catalogue recently, I came across the GRUNDTAL series. The 
stainless steel rail and spice rack looked like just the thing to mount my collection on the wall.

Other IKEA purchases that deserve bragging rights - this BILD poster that is the perfect
 addition to my living room's fireplace mantel.

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