Sunday, January 9, 2011

You never know what you'll find in a junk drawer (cupboard)

I found it! Well, perhaps it found me. I have been looking for this drill charger for a year. That's TWELVE  months! 12 months without a drill. Well, actually, it was 9 months, then bf was kind enough to lend me his. Regardless, what kind of Savvy Homegirl loses her drill charger and isn't in such dire need of finding it over the course of the 9 months its missing that she has to get another one?!

Obviously, one that is too busy to be very savvy about her home. I definitely could have used my drill on multiple occasions, but I managed with a screwdriver. I am SOOOOO happy it's back though! You know when you misplace something, you know it can not be far away, but you can not find it anywhere? I was going insane unable to locate this charger.

I was looking for this IKEA hook that Hip House Girl blogged about when I discovered the charger buried in my junk cupboard. {Eeek - yes, cupboard. See here for more.} Needless to say, I didn't find the hook. I needed my drill to screw it into the wall anyway. First things first! Ha!

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