Saturday, January 15, 2011

There is Hope Again

I have faith again. After some hairy drywalling two weeks ago (I promised a post, and I'm assured it's coming), I am again hopeful I will get this embarrassing slow, and not-so-big, project finally done.

You see, I have been faced with the dilemma that the new drywall is not flush with the old plaster. There were multiple reasons for this, which I'm not getting into here, but I had a gap of about 1/4" on part of the wall and ceiling, as you can see here. In case you're wondering - the drywall on the right is not attached, but leaning against the wall. We didn't attach it paper-side out, as it might appear.

BF and I tried to patch with joint compound. It cracked:

Of course, it cracked! I read all over the Internet we needed to do thin coats, so as we gooped on the compound to plug the holes, I secretly wondered if it was a bad idea. I went to bed that night and had nightmares I would never get this drywall finished.

Determined to make progress, I went in search of drywall mud this morning, and I discovered this product at Canadian Tire - LePage Polyfilla BIG.

I read the label and the "product comparison chart" attached to the shelf, and realized this might be what I was looking for. Ignoring the price tag ($22.49 for a 5.5L pail!), I bought two pails. After all, I wasn't making another trip back to Canadian Tire if one wasn't enough, and I headed home.

The product looks like marshmallow puff. You know, the stuff in the little, blue jar.

Fluff, Marshmallow Sprd, (1) 7.5-Ounce Glass Jar

What the fluff? Yes, it was just as light and fluffy-looking.

I also bought a mud pan with scrapers on the sides. For only $5, it made the job not only easier, but tidier. I poured the fluff in the pan and set to work with my 8" drywall knife. I am almost doubtful, it worked so well. As I slapped it on and scraped away the excess, I found myself really enjoying the work, and the more I did, the more confident I felt. My faith in myself to get this done has been restored! Now when I walk in the room, I am encouraged by how bright and open it is... I see the light!

More and more, this project was starting to feel like a really badly botched, DIY attempt. Has any other DIY-ers felt that way or completely wondered how you ever thought you could tackle a project on your own?

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  1. Gosh am I impressed! I have never ever tried dry walling... anyway, guess I need to set my goals to include doing something like this I have never attempted!