Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rake Leaves in the Fall? That's One Option...

Back in late October, I spent the waning daylight hours after work one evening raking leaves. My neighbour was kind enough to lend me his leaf blower, making the job significantly easier, but after over an hour and 10 bags, I was out of light and bags.

Over the next two weeks, we had nasty, rainy and windy weather. The rest of my leaves fell and there was not a nice evening or day when I was home to finish raking. So, I didn't.

Another couple of windy days and some travel out of town, and I came home to this.

It doesn't look like much, but there was nearly 1 foot of leaves in front of my side door. 

A tiny part of me felt a little guilty. All my neighbours, who had so nicely tidied their lawns for fall were being subjected to the migrant leaves from my lawn. Only a tiny bit, though. I wasn't going to rake them in the rain, after all.

Fast forward 6 more weeks. After a deep-freeze, snow, unseasonably warm weather, rain and then cold again, I finally got back out there on Monday and raked these suckers up. There is something wrong about raking leaves in January, in your winter coat and toque. I'm sure my neighbours had a good laugh, but nevertheless, the leaves are gone!

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  1. All of my neighbors are retired, so leaves and snow are taken care of immediately. Sorry, we have jobs and lives, it will have to wait!