Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shower Door Repair

I finally fixed my shower door last night! It's only been loose for about a year and falling off/off its hinges for 3 months. I had good intentions two months ago to fix the door.

MEXX shower installation parts
I even made two trips to Home Depot, the first resulted in me leaving with a large plastic bag of replacement parts and the second confirmed that the part I needed was, indeed, not included in the bag of parts. There are only 2 moving components on my shower door, and they are the same component consisting of three parts. I swear the part I needed was the only one missing in the bag of hardware. MEXX Canada's Aftermarket Customer Support informed me its "factory installed" and they sent me the part I needed.

On a somewhat unrelated note - I also learned that the parts bag I recieved was the installation parts for a brand new shower. I have a feeling that Home Depot "warranties" several of these installation bundles....

The broken MEXX Shower partSo these are the parts I needed. They arrived over a month ago, so at 10 o'clock last night, I decided it was finally time to install them. It was also only a matter of time before my pet monsters discovered they could push the door in and wreck havoc in my shower.

Shower door off its hingesI went to the trouble to get a stubby-handled screwdriverAdd Image from my neighbour, but upon closer examination with her and later when I set to work, I realized that it would be much more efficient just to take the door off.

Holy nasty soak bathroom scum!

The shower door part I replacedAnyway, here is the part I needed to replace. 2 screws - three of them were broken, one on the bottom, two on the top. Easy -peasy. Hanging the door again proved to be a little more challenging and might have been easier with an extra set of hands, but I managed.

Shower doors good as new again
So it's all fixed again! No more wet bathroom floors or fumbling around with the door!
As a bonus, it's also clean. The nasty bathroom scum that I found when I took the door off was enough to turn my stomach just a little! Thank goodness for Comet!

On another note, I moved my living room around last night. Penny and Fergie had become accustomed to lying on the back of my parents' couch to watch the birds out the window, and I didn't have anywhere in my house that allowed them this luxary. It looks goofy, but hopefully they will find the chair in the window a decent substitute until I get the office finished. Then they will be able to lay in front of the screen door and watch the birds in my back yard.

Does your pet or pets have a favourite lounge area in your home?

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