Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pub Set Options for My Living Area

Entertaining in my little bungalow has not been without its challenges thus far, but I have been able to manage with my little counter and stools, patio parties and casual meals around the living room coffee table.

Despite this, I have been keeping my eye out for a cute, bistro or pub set to add a dining area to my living area, without having the space necessary for a full dining set. I have seen various sets at department stores and IKEA that I like, and some have even been in the 'affordable' price range. Of course, the problem exists that when you have 0 disposable income, that window of what is affordable becomes irrelevant.

This is where I turn to my travel points! I have been cashing in Aeroplan miles for Home Hardware gift cards for a year now. It essentially turns the points into cash that I can use for paint, tools, and other 'home stuff'. Additionally, by waiting for Home Hardware promotions, I get the gift cards at a "discount", so I save some miles I ordinarily would've spent on the card, for future rewards.
Air Miles have been a different story though, and thus far, I have only redeemed them for travel, because I often feel the 'mile value' of other rewards is too high. Until today! While browsing Air for flight rewards, I came across these two lovely two pub sets.
Air Miles 5 Piece Pub Set
5 Piece Pub Set
This pub set could be mine for only 3000 miles, and it is very similar to sets I have seen in department stores and considered purchasing in the past. It would provide both additional seating to my living room, and a functional area for small meals, enjoying a few drinks or playing cards. I can also "afford" it with my 3300 miles.

Air Miles Tula Pub Set
Tula 5 Piece Pub Set
For 3400 miles, I LOVE this "Tula" set! I especially like that the stools tuck under the table for easy storage and they are padded! I also feel like this set has a little more style, and may not exude that 'picked up at Wal-Mart' feel.
I will have to keep on saving though for the Tula. I am still 100 miles short and without Westjet offering miles for flights anymore, I am not racking these up at the pace I once was.
I also think that I have to pay some tax or something on reward purchases. Does anyone know??

What do you think? Do you collect travel miles and how do you like to redeem them? Is 3000-3400 miles too many to spend on a pub set?


  1. I've gotten a lot of rewards using airmiles and have never paid anything. I've gotten products as quick as that week, or when i redeemed for a nintendo wii i had to wait 2 months. another reward card that's good for us travellers is wyndham rewards, for staying at their hotel chains. ive cashed in on about $500 worth of gift certificates just from hotel stays last year alone.

  2. I've gotten a camera and an ipod with airmiles. What the posted value is, is all you "pay". Remember you can collect Air Miles at the LCBO...but not at Bruce's. Too bad! Shell gas too. Char

  3. Nothing but the miles? That's great then! Luckily, all I have is LCBO's around here, no Brucey's!!

    Maybe its just on flights that you have to pay the tax?

    I also agree, Tiffany - Wyndham Rewards are awesome! I try to stick to their hotels as much as possible! All the others, I set them up and have the miles go right to Aeroplan or Air Miles.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Both sets are very nice, and to be able to get them with air miles is great!